Something else

NaNoWriMo is usually the kiss of death for blogs of mine. I more or less killed my LiveJournal with my 2005 attempt, though that was also around the time of a major relationship collapse, so there’s something in that too. I destroyed my super-sekrit ME/CFS blog with last years outing, because after I won, I could think about nothing other than having won for about a month, and having gone away that long, it was hard to come back with anything other than “Hey, I’m back! So, uh… how’ve you been?”

I am determined, nay single-minded even, that this blog will survive the curse of sprinting a novel out in 30 days. So, I’m gonna talk about something else for a while.

Tonight, I made cookies. Coconut oatmeal cookies. Oh My Lord, they are fine cookies. They look disasterous, which is one of the reasons why I’m not accompanying this post with a picture, but lemme tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, they are like an orgasm in my mouth, and everyone’s invited. And not just because I’m more’n a little stoned right now.

I didn’t do much else with my day. Talked to my mother, waffled on twitter, watched some telly with the brat. It was a good day though, good enough for now. Tomorrow might be even better; I have a coupon for cheap food at Starbucks, and I have every intention of toddling over there, laptop in hand, eating my discount dinner, supping a big ol’ latte, and fiddling around with last year’s novel to see if something worthwhile can be salvaged from it.

Oh dear. I’m back on NaNo again, aren’t I?

Alas. Maybe I am single-minded. For the wrong thing though. Ah well. To bed, to season four of Buffy, to sleep. I hope.



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